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What are the Best Performance Management Tools for Employees?

Performance management has become a hot topic in recent years. Organizations have realized that when employees are given regular feedback about their performance and development, they’re more engaged, productive, and satisfied. But effective performance management isn’t just about providing employees feedback—it’s about giving employees the tools and incentives they need to improve their performance.

Have you ever been responsible for hiring, training, and evaluating employees? If so, then you know it’s essential to keep good records. However, if you have more than a handful of employees, it can be challenging to maintain the reports and information you need to run your business. This is where performance management software can help. This great tool helps businesses manage employee performance, encouraging healthy work culture. So how do you find the best performance management tools for employees?

Monday is a cloud-based solution that lets you schedule meetings and track employee productivity across multiple devices. As our virtual manager, this handy app has a feature that allows you to keep track of your projects, and schedule and use your to-do lists all in one place, making it easy for you and your team to stay organized and on the same page. Now, it’s even easier to keep tabs on your performance with the Chrome extension.


Leapsome is a cloud-based performance management tool designed to improve employee productivity and retention. It helps organizations reduce employee turnover and increase productivity by empowering employees with realistic performance reviews, feedback, and goal tracking. Users have access to in-depth analytics, dashboards, and real-time reporting, so managers can easily monitor their team’s performance.

15five is a web-based performance management tool that focuses primarily on improving relationships between managers and their teams. With 15five, managers can create private workspaces for their teams, where they can track progress on goals, respond to private requests, get notified of updates, or send messages to the entire group. Managers have access to their teams’ data at all times and can upload their own goals, checklists, and files.

Profit is a cloud-based performance management tool that helps businesses get better informed and take action on sales & marketing performance in real-time. The platform provides users with tools to monitor their sales pipeline, so sales and marketing teams can spend less time focusing on tasks that aren’t moving the needle and being proactive.


IntelliHR is a comprehensive suite of performance management tools designed to improve workforce management, enhance career growth opportunities, reduce turnover, reduce costs, build stronger teams, and improve the productivity and performance of your organization. According to, the tool uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to analyze and predict user behavior. The company also boasts that “enables IT organizations to evaluate application performance, identify the causes of performance degradation, and predict future trends.”

The Best Performance Management Tool Guide

The best employee performance management tools must:

  • Have a clean user interface
  • Be easy to use and master
  • Offer review and feedback
  • Provide training courses 
  • Include the capability to design and execute plans
  • Provide the user with reporting and analytical features
  • Support integration and plugins
  • Be flexible in their approach
  • Provide value for money

Why PM’s Tool is essential

Many employers still struggle with performance management (PM). According to Gallup, just 50% of U.S. companies use the same system for performance management as five years ago. But PM is essential for ensuring your organization’s success. It can help companies improve employee engagement, strong talent pipelines, increased productivity, and effective leadership. But if you’re a company that still struggles with PM, it’s not too late.

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