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About Me

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My name is Beverley Stuart, and I am the brains behind Legitimist. Having started a number of businesses myself over the years, with varying degrees of success, I understand what goes into a successful business and, most importantly, how to learn from your mistakes and make sure that they do not happen again.

Being a woman in business presents itself with its own set of challenges, but I am fiercely proud to be in the position I am in and would like to encourage women to excel in the business world. It's important we take up the space that we are entitled to.

As I head into my 30s, as a businesswoman and a mother, I hope that this blog will inspire confidence in women, in particular, in the same position, giving them the knowledge that they need to become business owners themselves.

Being involved in a business in some form involves so many different steps and procedures. You need to ensure you stay on top of finances, business operations, employee satisfaction and any other elements specific to your business' niche. This could even include things like running business events, dealing with HR issues or insurance requirements. There are so many hidden factors you need to consider, so I'm laying them out on the table to make all our lives easier!

So, I hope to introduce some of the things I've learned, primarily in terms of Business, Finance and Insurance to give you a well-rounded view of being a business owner and the world of work. However, I hope to cover more specific topics too, like Marketing, Real estate and Investing - so stay tuned!